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What is an Advanced Soccer Centre?

The aim of the Advanced Soccer Centre programme is to improve the technical ability of promising players and enable them to play and train at a higher level. Premier Sports Coaching's advanced coaching programme is open to boys and girls aged 5 - 13.

Commitment, enthusiasm and dedication are essential qualities for the Advanced Centre Player.

Please be aware this is invitation or recommendation only. Players are invited to attend the centre via recommendation from their club, school, district or county football manager or Premier Sports Coaching staff.

You can view all our advanced course dates on our course dates page.

Premier Sports Coaching Progress Chart

Premier Sports Progress Chart

The illustrated progress chart has four levels and they are:

After each Advanced course every individual will receive a certificate and an assessment form stating strengths and areas to work on. Aspects we are looking to improve on are:

Children who we feel have the correct attitude and ability will be recommended to an Arsenal FC development centre. Russell also has contacts with numerous other professional and semi professional clubs in the area.


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What to bring on a course

Every player will need to bring: